Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taco Diner (West Village) 10/8/2008

Oooh. I love Taco Diner. We sat outside (weather is finally nice) and enjoyed the scene while sipping some mango margaritas and lapping up queso. The margaritas are swell, delicious, not too sweet and appropriately strong. The queso was good but not amazing, we still scraped the bowl though. Lauren is still getting over her gonorrhoeal eye infection so she whined about that a bit. I was nice and tipsy but had a few hours to sleep it off before Kol Nidre. Next week Manny's to complete the West Village area. Come join us- we'll be there around 4 unless we can sneak away know our numbers. 

Margaritas 3/4 (best fruit margarita)
Queso 2.5/4


supatterson said...

Totally agree about Taco Diner...mmmm I want one now!

summer said...

how come no one else has commented about the gonorrhoeal eye infection ?

i love you guys.. this is awesome!!!