Saturday, October 11, 2008

Casa Blanca 9/24/08

So, this was a long shot- but it was on Lemmon Ave, so we gave it a whirl. Too freaking hot to sit outside but that is okay because their patio was super depressing, just a slab of concrete with iron fence. The queso was AWFUL but we still finished it. It tasted very very fake- like all Velveeta, no Rotel. The margaritas were FINE but got an inflated score because I started to get misty-eyed talking to Lauren about how much I love being a pediatrician.  Would never set foot in here again, except for a margarita, skip the queso.

Margarita 2.75*/4  (score is higher due to the emotional response after ingestion)
Queso 2/4

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Publius said...

dude, not cool. not cool at all.

querisorita senoritas suck.