Saturday, October 18, 2008

Manny's October 15th, 2008

I realize the first picture is out of focus- manual was on and I need glasses. Will do better next time.
Happy to have guest judges Courtney Layton, Shelby Melton and Kristen Ohlenforst!!
Mixed reviews on the queso- but again- the bowl was reduced to finger scraping (mostly by L.E. who thought it was pretty good). Lauren again had to dump lots of salsa in it to choke it down. Service was pretty awful- no refills on the salsa or water. Now- to the drinks. The on the rocks margarita was the clear winner here, good job Courtney! The frozen was too sweet, ditto for the swirl. All and all not impressive but the company made for a great late lunch. The nap afterwards was pretty awesome too!!  Next week we will kicking it old school with On the Border- get excited!! ( We realize we are saving the best for last- Mi Cocina mambo taxis and Bob Armstrong queso at Matt's- but hold your horses, we have all year!!!) 

Overall scores:
queso- 2/4 (*disputed)
on the rocks margarita- 2.75/4
frozen margarita- 2.5/4
swirl margarita- 2.5/4

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