Saturday, October 11, 2008

State Fair Of Texas 10/1/08

Let the fried food extravaganza begin with an introduction of our guest judge for the evening, Kelly Lisle.  This was a two hour sprint through the fair in search of the best fried food there.  Reviews had rated the fried bacon as numero uno, but our guest judge thought the fried guacamole (not pictured) was superb.  I have to disagree and say that the fried queso rocked!!!  By far the best fried food there, especially with your choice of different flavors of ranch dressing (who knew?) as your dipping sauce.  There was a "food baby" competition to end the evening (please see above picture), and as you can see I should have consumed more.  There was no room for margaritas this evening as I was saving room for the fried grilled cheese, corn dog, fried bacon, chicken fried steak slider, fried snowball, fried queso, fried PB&J, fried guacamole, and beer!

Margaritas ** too full
Queso 3.5/4


Debbi said...

You guys are hilarious! I may have to come back to Dallas to join in the fun; forget all this fancy Toulouse business. Only one thing would I change- when I click on the pictures, I still get the thumbnail. Can you get it to click thru to a full-size pic? It's very hard to judge the winning food baby at that size.

k said...

I agree. I hate the thumbnail problem! But, Debbi, I can ASSURE you that I won the food baby contest. Even Lauren said she was a little embarassed by her "premie"...