Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fernando's Feb 11th

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay- We were here on the most lovely sunny afternoon which I think of now when I can't feel my toes.  This place was 
promising- close to Lauren's house, outdoor seating, delicious chips and salsa and maybe the best damn michelada in Dallas. 
But the queso was a HUGE failure- 
K-so said it best "chicken". I am not sure what some of theses places are doing but we suspect it might involve cream of chicken soup. NO BUENO.  The guacamole and fried jalapeno poppers were good and again the micheladas were outstanding. I don't
remember the margaritas- I kind of think everyone went with the aforementioned micheladas.
Anyhoo - great service, great chips, nice outdoor seating, GREAT MICHELADAS.
skip the queso- yucky. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Blue Goose

For our 20th Quesorita outing we visited the Blue Goose.  Overall, it was quite a pleasant experience.  The atmosphere and decor were good.  There is a big patio to relax on in the summer months.  And Jamie, our enigmatic server, was attentive.

Upon arriving, LEBW, G-unit, K-so, and I immediately and recklessly devoured two bowls of queso.  The cheese seemed genuine and the accoutrement (pico and brisket) did not disappoint.  Of note, the queso comes in a thick chip, rather than porcelain, bowl.  This transforms what was always a sad Quesorita moment:  when the queso runs out...into a terrific one:  eating a soggy, cheesy, delicious last chip. 

There were a few queso problems however.  Most notably...every bowl of queso we had was cold!  After close scrutiny and much deduction fostered from Judy Blume novels, we soon realized that the dish is served with warm queso on the bottom and cold condiments on top (sour cream, pico, etc)...thus, when mixed, the aggregate temperature falls tremendously.  Cold queso just ain't that cool.  We'll stick the queso in at 2.75/4....slightly a shame, cause it did have some excellent potential.

On the margarita front...the margs were fairly well received.  They were slightly above average, garnering extra bonus points for tasting more like tequila than mix.  We'll stick em in at 2.75/4.

Some other notable edibles included:

A Queso Fundido was enjoyed by K-so, Angela, Eric, and Courtney.  This is a concoction of mushrooms, cheese, chicken, peppers, and onions served on a skillet with home-made flour tortillas.  And, while I personally did not try the dish, the broad smiles on their happy faces indicated that it was likely a 3.25/4.

Josh(ie) was served a sizzling hot set of mixed fajitas on a skillet.  They smelled delicious, and I can personally attest that the steak was divine.  Of note, the table was also educated on the subtle, but substantial, importance of occasionally stirring your served fajitas to prevent pepper burning.  My mind was blown.  Fajitas - 3.25/4.

As has become habit, I sampled the tortilla soup, which, I must say, was the best I've had on this Quesorita journey.  It was thick and spicy.  Good flavor and presentation.  I'll give it a rousing 3.45/4.

Overall, the Blue Goose is a good place to sit and drink and eat.  And it earned itself a fairly impressive cumulative score of 2.85/4. end...a loud shout out to all those Quesorita readers and commenters...keep it up...we dig it! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mi Cocina- HP 1.28.09

I never quite understood the allure of the Mi Cocina Highland Park location.  The tipsy housewives in tennis skirts and mobs of young children running between tables always made me dizzy and fearful.  But at a recent Quesorita event, A&E explained about the 3rd floor secret bar up the hidden staircase and through the stained glass doors.  Secret password not necessary! Maybe my opinion of this "family friendly" chain would change?  

And oh how it changed.  This is where all the tipsy singles go!!  As Dallas was recovering from the Icestorm of 09, the Quesorita crew headed to Mi Cocina HP for some frozen treats of our own.  As I entered this new found paradise, I started to see why D Magazine rated it best Tex-Mex (disputed by the Quesorita movement) in town.  I hope it wasn't for the food (see queso ratings below), but Mi Cocina HP is winning for "best atmosphere."

As you walk in those beautiful doors, there is a long bench seat along a completely windowed wall facing you and tiny wicker tables just large enough for your Mambo Taxi.  When it's warmer, all the windows are opened and a nice breeze comes in and all you can see are the tops of the trees.  You would have no idea that you're in the middle of Dallas, much less in the middle of a large shopping complex.  It's comfortable, casual, and inviting as it's more or less family style seating.  Service is good, but know they only serve drinks and apps up here.  I can't wait to return when it's warm out.

As for the queso... it was odd.  K-So nailed it when she said it tasted like chicken.  It really does! It wasn't that runny ball park style fake cheese, but it wasn't much better.  I'm convinced it was thickened with corn starch.  Colors disguised as vegetables were present, but there was a lot of salsa mixing going on to kick it up a notch.  Don't worry we finished the whole disappointing bowl.

As for the ritas.... they were yummy.  I feel like D Magazine should have instead listed the Mambo Taxi as one of "The 10 Best Things To Do in Dallas."  Much more appropriate.  I envision the article listing going something like this.......  

"A trip to Dallas is not complete without a stop at one of the many Mi Cocina restaurants scattered across the city and suburbs.  If you are looking for a happy hour spot, then a stop by the Mi Cocina 3rd floor rooftop bar is a must.  Order a Mambo Taxi (frozen lime margarita expertly swirled with some extreme proofed sangria) if you're up for an adventurous night.  About halfway through your rita, you will notice that your frustrating feeling left over from work is gone, and you're floating amongst the trees you see outside the windows.  If you start to chirp like the beautiful birds you see, then you know you should not have ordered that second Mambo Taxi.  They're deadly.  Quietly excuse yourself and hail a real cab."

The Quesorita Movement recommends Mi Cocina HP definitely for it's atmosphere, with confidence for it's Mambo Taxis, and not so much for it's queso.  Just saying.....

Queso                1.5/4
Ritas                  3.5/4 (extra points if you can handle that second)
Atmosphere     10/4

Thanks so much to everyone who follows the blog.  We definitely appreciate your comments and suggestions and will be reviewing some of these places in the coming weeks.  Spread the word- Quesorita, The Movement.