Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Blue Goose

For our 20th Quesorita outing we visited the Blue Goose.  Overall, it was quite a pleasant experience.  The atmosphere and decor were good.  There is a big patio to relax on in the summer months.  And Jamie, our enigmatic server, was attentive.

Upon arriving, LEBW, G-unit, K-so, and I immediately and recklessly devoured two bowls of queso.  The cheese seemed genuine and the accoutrement (pico and brisket) did not disappoint.  Of note, the queso comes in a thick chip, rather than porcelain, bowl.  This transforms what was always a sad Quesorita moment:  when the queso runs out...into a terrific one:  eating a soggy, cheesy, delicious last chip. 

There were a few queso problems however.  Most notably...every bowl of queso we had was cold!  After close scrutiny and much deduction fostered from Judy Blume novels, we soon realized that the dish is served with warm queso on the bottom and cold condiments on top (sour cream, pico, etc)...thus, when mixed, the aggregate temperature falls tremendously.  Cold queso just ain't that cool.  We'll stick the queso in at 2.75/4....slightly a shame, cause it did have some excellent potential.

On the margarita front...the margs were fairly well received.  They were slightly above average, garnering extra bonus points for tasting more like tequila than mix.  We'll stick em in at 2.75/4.

Some other notable edibles included:

A Queso Fundido was enjoyed by K-so, Angela, Eric, and Courtney.  This is a concoction of mushrooms, cheese, chicken, peppers, and onions served on a skillet with home-made flour tortillas.  And, while I personally did not try the dish, the broad smiles on their happy faces indicated that it was likely a 3.25/4.

Josh(ie) was served a sizzling hot set of mixed fajitas on a skillet.  They smelled delicious, and I can personally attest that the steak was divine.  Of note, the table was also educated on the subtle, but substantial, importance of occasionally stirring your served fajitas to prevent pepper burning.  My mind was blown.  Fajitas - 3.25/4.

As has become habit, I sampled the tortilla soup, which, I must say, was the best I've had on this Quesorita journey.  It was thick and spicy.  Good flavor and presentation.  I'll give it a rousing 3.45/4.

Overall, the Blue Goose is a good place to sit and drink and eat.  And it earned itself a fairly impressive cumulative score of 2.85/4. end...a loud shout out to all those Quesorita readers and commenters...keep it up...we dig it! :)


Sherby Turd said...

Too bad I missed it. I do loves me some Blue Goose. Also well know for their very tasty quesAdillas.

Love, peace, queso grease.

Anonymous said...

Blue Goose takes me back to my college days. We would hit that place up on our holiday breaks. Their happy hour rocks!