Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fernando's Feb 11th

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay- We were here on the most lovely sunny afternoon which I think of now when I can't feel my toes.  This place was 
promising- close to Lauren's house, outdoor seating, delicious chips and salsa and maybe the best damn michelada in Dallas. 
But the queso was a HUGE failure- 
K-so said it best "chicken". I am not sure what some of theses places are doing but we suspect it might involve cream of chicken soup. NO BUENO.  The guacamole and fried jalapeno poppers were good and again the micheladas were outstanding. I don't
remember the margaritas- I kind of think everyone went with the aforementioned micheladas.
Anyhoo - great service, great chips, nice outdoor seating, GREAT MICHELADAS.
skip the queso- yucky. 

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Anonymous said...

Where is Fernando's? I've never heard of it.