Tuesday, December 2, 2008

T.C. 11/26/08

Who knew?  Who knew?  That this favorite college haunt would reappear with such royalty in my thirties.  Sitting in the plastic table, staring at the dirty salsa/topping bar, with whiffs of fake corn and fake cheese floating around, ahhhh....  I felt like I was in the middle of some small backwards town with this being the only restaurant still open after a long night of drinking.  I clicked my heels together three times and knew I was home again.

We started out with the 16oz queso, a whole pound of cheese!  This was the first place that offered it in three different sizes!  We (of course) went with the extra large and had two additional ones later.  It was also interesting that the medium and the small queso come with chips, but not the large.  Problem solved!!!  We ordered a ton of those soft, thick yummy tortillas and lopped up the queso like a few drunk college kids!  When it hits your lips....

Now for those margaritas... I had recalled that they previously were made with a questionable wine blend.  On the menu, it brags "Real Tequila Margaritas."  What???  When did this change come about?  It did feel much like college when you had to show your ID for a cup to drink out of the pitcher.  I giggled with delight showing the girl (who was way younger then me) my ID.  Margaritas were frozen, something close to a lime color, and thick.  But... for what they were, we drank multiple pitchers.

Continuing our theme of the evening, we moved to the parking lot where an impromptu game of wiffleball, dodgeball, and badminton broke out.  All I remember was that I was chasing around the birdie, dodging a ball that hit me in an unmentionable place, when I twirled around to the sound of a loud bang and hushed giggles.  Yes, the new member of quesorita, Bill, had taken out the car in the drive thru with a line drive up the middle.  It was awesome.

I love Taco Cabana, not much for the drinks, somewhat for the food, but much more for the way it makes us all feel like kids/drunk college kids again!

Queso 3.5/4
Margaritas 2.25/4

Wiffleball in the parking lot  PRICELESS!

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