Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chuy's 12/10/08 O.M.G.

"as i sit here in my empty classroom my thoughts wander to a happier place, a place where jalapeno ranch flows like wine. i wish i could speed up the hands of time most wednesdays, today is no different. even though a chill is in the air, my heart is filled with warmth just knowing that in a mere nine hours, i will be sitting down in a retro, stainless steel wrapped vinyl covered chair dipping my first of many crispy chips into countless bowls of goodness." -kelly

As you all can tell we were EXCITED about this one. A free queso bar? Sphincter says what? Balls in all y'alls faces!

We got there and had the prime queso eating table. I'm sure it was because they knew we were the Quesorita crew. Above my head was a lovely mural that read, "She thought he wanted her heart but all he wanted was her taco." Gross. We all had to eat mounds of queso and creamy jalapeno to get over the disgusting painting.

Served out of the trunk of an old car was the queso, jalapenos, refried beans, and taco meat which we proceeded to make all sorts of concoctions with. Atkins queso, Chunky queso soup, Queso and beans, Queso with meat, etc. The waitstaff was getting a little irritated with our table as every time they came around there was all sorts of mess on the table, and we begged the waiter each time to refill the queso and creamy jalapeno dip. The queso was good enough to stand alone. It was not the runny nacho cheese, but a little thicker with some nice spices and a few colorful things disguised as vegetables. And then of course was heaven. Creamy jalapeno ranch dip/dressing. I didn't know it could get better, but a light dunk of a chip through the ranch followed by a plow through the queso was AWESOME!

Margs were a little above average. It was nice that their regular margaritas were on special, even the dot which is a regular frozen lime margarita with a dot of strawberry margarita on top. It was a nice change from the typical sangria swirls. Rocks was better than frozen, and the Father Agave margarita rocked!

Then it happened.... the food coma. We were all talking about our ratings for this week and had just given the overall experience a 4/4 when the faint rumblings began to be heard and felt. Kelly quickly left, and the rest of us entered into a staring contest and started knocking points off the food as the after-effects were kicking in. We tried to talk ourselves into this just being the intermission but after about 10-15 minutes of guzzling water we all knew... we had finally over done it.

Atkins queso 3/4
Chunky queso soup ?/4
Queso bean combo 2.75/4
Queso taco meat combo 3.25/4
Plain queso 3/4

Dot Margarita 3/4
House Rocks 3/4
Father Agave rita 3.5/4

Creamy jalapeno 9/4 or "double plus one"

Overall experience (pre coma) 4/4
Overall experience (post coma) 2/4

PS- Quesorita is taking a break for the holidays, but we will resume our regular schedule again on January 7th. Happy Holidays!

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