Monday, December 14, 2009


Dear Ojeda's,
Maybe it was because we deviated from our normal Wednesday outing and went on a Thursday, maybe it was a full moon, or maybe your restaurant really was that bad.
Your margaritas were strong, but not very flavorful. Your queso was decent, but most of us added salsa to jazz it up a bit. Then there's your food. Someone ordered a spinach enough, or so we thought. The flour tortilla was FULL of chopped, previously frozen spinach and the cheese was on the OUTSIDE. I mean, how do you mess up a quesadilla? Even Napoleon Dynamite can make a quesadilla!
Your one saving grace is that your chips are hot and crisp AND you provide a small pitcher of delicious salsa on the table so the customer can refill as needed.
We did have some fascinating conversations that evening and, as always, the company was top notch, but overall, your restaurant just isn't very good.

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Meltdown said...

Well played, Sir. Well played indeed.