Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uncle Julio's 9.16.09

We headed back to Uncle Julio's with the crew for a neighborhood selection evening. We expected a big turnout as all the excuses we could think of (boards, distance, girlfriend, working) were not applicable on this rainy Wednesday evening. I'll have to say that at the end of the evening, I was very proud of the turnout and performance of the QR crew.

We started out in the bar with the "use." Small bowl of queso for the early birds and a few margaritas. UJ's has a nice HH that is basically a few bucks off most of their drinks, so we went straight for the custom blended section. You see..... after doing this for almost a year not just any regular house margarita will do. We've turned into margarita connoisseurs/snobs. I went straight for the Patron Silver custom blended margarita and K-So had the Herradura custom blend. Each time I decide to be a "big baller" for the evening, I remember just how ugly the ol' Cuervo can be. Don't worry, I didn't pull a Kanye on anybody. Appealing to my upscale side, my margarita even came with a lightning bolt swizzle stick!

And now for the lowdown. The queso was great- rich, full of onions and peppers, and just the right consistency. We also sampled the queso with chorizo which was just average. Most of the guys loved it, but it was pretty heavy on the meat for the girls.

The margaritas were AWESOME- they've made the list in fact. They were the perfect combination of liquor and lime. Refreshing, clear, but not deadly.

To point out a few solid food choices: two thumbs up to the shrimp quesadillas, 4 thumbs up (Hi Reneesme!) to the veggie tamales, and a shout out to the chicken nachos.

Finally, if you haven't caught the show Three Sheets you should know that while it's not the ultimate goal for the QR project, a girl can dream. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Which Uncle Julio's did you go to? I love their margaritas! Mmm...

the dj said...

i like that you can see our customs & border patrol friend there in the background :)

K-So said...

don't forget that their chips and warm salsa are THE BOMB!!! looking forward to this week's QR!!!

carl gamble said...

This is a great blog. Glad a friend passed it along to me.

After our compnay moved downtown last month, I started a similar adventure to sample margaritas at all the different places downtown and rate them for my friends on Facebook.

Your blog has given me more places to try.

Who know, we may run into each other at some point and then we can compare notes.

Thanks and keep up the good research.