Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mariano's 3/11

See- we read your comments and take your suggestions!
This restaurant was not on our original list but due to the enthusiastic comments left on our blog we thought we should check it out ASAP. Again- a beautiful spring evening- we all gathered at the Lakewood location.  Courtney was especially excited since this was closest to her place. So- home of the frozen margarita.........the orignial frozen margaritas got props for actually tasting like tequila instead of margarita mix- it wasn't the best we have had but a solid drink. Lauren tried a swirl and found it way too sweet and could not finish it (whaaaaaaa?) The queso was great- most of us thought it resembled a home job with velveeta and rotel, which is not a bad thing at all- very comforting- a good temperature- easily scooped with chips. The micheladas were a little too hot for my taste- it was like liquid reflux.  I don't think we will be heading back here anytime soon but it was fun to check out! 
Queso- 3/4 
Margaritas (original frozen)- 2.5/4
Micheladas-  1/4- yikes! my esophagus!

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Momcat said...

Hey, Quesoritas,
Sorry it took me so long to respond! Glad to know that you take your readers' suggestions to heart.

If you go back to Mariano's, try a top shelf Margarita (rocks). My fave! And try the Queso Mariano. Also, their tableside guacamole is very fresh and yummy.

I'm trying to work up my nerve on the michelada thing.

Keep up the good work - I know it's hard, but someone has to do it!